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Early Start College Planning

Motivational Speaker; Life Balance

"Together we achieve more."TM

Early Start College Planning

Early Start College Planning

At JC Global Consulting, I consider education after high school an important part of creating a fulfilling life. Whether you attend college, a trade school, online, in person, do an apprenticeship, whatever you choose, it's important to get the education/training that will advance your quality of life. I can help you map out the plan that best suits your skills and interests. We can start in middle school to make the process much easier and stress free, so you feel better about your choices as you continue to explore your options in high school. Early Start College Planning makes the college going process much less stressful because you are starting early, namely in middle school. This more relaxed pace gives you time to assess your strengths and interests, find schools that address your interests and set goals that are flexible as you move through high school. If your interests and plans change, it's easy to make adjustments because you are not constrained by time to hurry and make a decision, as you might be if you wait until late junior year or worse, into your senior year. Take the stress out of this life-enhancing process by giving yourself the luxury of time to make a good decision. I look forward to assisting you in this most important process.

"Together we achieve more." TM

Websites/Videos you might find useful:

Here is a great website featuring Bill Gates and his thoughts on education, among other topics. Go to his site to read the article, "Meeting Students Where They Are." You may want to join the site to get more access, but it's easy. Very good article about working to change the lives of those who may be the first in their family to go to college.

Here is a website for parents loaded with information about what to expect for their high school student from freshman year in high school through taking their student to college.