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Early Start College Planning

Motivational Speaker; Life Balance

"Together we achieve more."TM

Life Balance Advisor

Life Balance is the concept of feeling your best physically, in your relationships with yourself and others, and in your emotional life. Being in Balance allows you to decide what is important to you and to make sure you are creating a life where those important issues are addressed in ways that provide fulfillment and a sense of joy. Waking up each day with an "I can't wait to get started" attitude is life at it's best; it's Life Balance!  

Workshops and advising are the main vehicles by which Life Balance is addressed. Please contact me with your ideas and needs, and I will create a workshop, seminar or advising services to assist you in achieving your goals.  


In this space, please find websites that might prove helpful for LIFE BALANCE.

Here are videos that contain information about topics that might be of use to you as you think about


Listen to this perspective-changing TedTalk video by Pico Iyer, lifelong traveler and travel writer on the value of "sitting still." I have found this to be a video you must listen to more than once and even take notes to grasp all he has to offer. Life lessons abound here! 

This video on gratefulness helps us to see the value of really being present in life to the importance of each moment, not taking things for granted, and realizing we have so much for which to be grateful, if we reframe how we view the world around us. This video, A Good Day, is from the website

Here is another TED talk by Robert Waldinger, current director of a 75 year Harvard study where men and later their wives were asked about the secret to happiness over their lives. Think about this for yourselves. I'll bet, if you are introspective, you'll come close to what the results of the study show. The lessons learned here contribute to the concept of leading a balanced life.  

Richie Contartesi is a motivational speaker with a great story. Whether or not you are a sports fan, his message in this video can hold meaning for you in terms of creating LIFE BALANCE through creating goals and achieving them. More than this, is the belief that your aspirations can come true FOR YOU. Please give a listen.