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Early Start College Planning

Motivational Speaker; Life Balance

"Together we achieve more."TM

Client Testimonials

"I want to thank John for the support and guidance he has provided my family over the course of the last year. In response to John’s gentle guidance and support, my son is beginning to turn around. His organizational skills are improving. He is much more intentional about his responsibilities at home and at school, seeing them as opportunities rather than obligations. Homework assignments are completed with consistency. He is taking pride in all facets of his life, and has begun to pursue extracurricular activities that interest him.

As my son matures and manages his daily responsibilities, he is more pleasant to live with and really seems like an altogether different person than when John began working with him. He is taking responsibility for his successes as well as in areas where he may have dropped the ball. My 15 year old is maturing before my eyes.

On another note, John has provided me with insights to managing better as a parent by teaching me to look deeper for the lessons; not stopping at the obvious. He provided me with unique and specific guidance that helped with managing a variety of situations, and for this I am thankful. I recommend John to any family that wants guidance on preparing their student for life after high school and a listening ear for the challenges of parenting.

I am grateful a mutual friend introduced me to John. I am convinced more than ever that it truly does take a village."

C.R. La Costa, CA

"John taught both of my children when they were in elementary school. He was an incredible teacher. Not only did he teach them

how to read, write, do math etc, more importantly, he taught them many life lessons that they still talk about today. My daughter, who is 19, still has a relationship with him ten years after she was in his class. He cared about his students then and still does now. 

John also helped us with college preparation when my daughter was a freshman in high school. He showed my daughter what colleges want from their prospective students. He was also a tremendous asset to me personally because I grew up in Canada and was new to the whole thing. As it turned out she got into her dream school. I believe the advice he gave her helped her achieve that goal. I will be using John's services again when my son enters high school. I highly recommend John. He's very good at what he does."

C.W. Encinitas, CA